image002Nymphs “A varied category of female divinities anthropomorphically perceived as young women. Nymphs inhabit and animatedly express differentiated natures: water (rivers, springs, the sea), mountains, trees, places (regions, town, states)” (Hornblower).

In Hekate’s Daughter, the nymphs are a deeply chthonic, sensual, and primordial beings, well versed in earth and herbs. They are characterized as androgynous, beautiful, and yet able to choose their own gender, giving them both male and female genos within their classifications as follows:

Alseids (groves)

Daphnaie (mountain laurels)

Hamadryads (oaks)

Karya (nut bearing trees)

Leimoniads (meadows)

Meliads (ash trees)

Naiads (fresh waters)

Nereids (calm seas)

Oceanids (seas)

Oreads (mountains)

The Hamadryad are the original kuklos of the dryads, tree nymphs, who split into other factions, i.e. Karya. Any dryad also directly descended from the Hamadryad kuklos is linked to his or her tree by life and death. For a host to die, would mean the death of the Hamadryad.

*Jules Joseph Lefebvre. Nymph with Morning Glory Flowers. 1836.