“Sublimity in Turquoise Blue” now featured at Farrago’s Wainscot: Issue 12

Farrago's Wainscot

 Now featured at Farrago’s Wainscot is my Mexi-experimental short story, “Sublimity in Turquoise Blue.” I’m so honored to be among such talented authors: Becca De La Rosa, Paul Jessup, Eden Robins, S. Boyd Taylor and Jonathan Wood. Here is a short excerpt:



“Sublimity in Turquoise Blue”

To the artist, sublimity is a rare gift, so it is one not to be wasted. For this reason, never leave an artist alone gazing into the face of death. The artist will likely fall in love . . . .

Thanks to Darin Bradley, Berrien Henderson and the Farrago staff et al. for their hard work and dediction in getting this issue out.