“Galactic Tomboy to SF Pin Up Girl” Coming Soon at Weird Tales

Shoot 92 Black DressWell, I’ve historically been one to keep my anti-celebrity days under wraps, but a good friend had suggested a while back that I shouldn’t, so I wrote a little something about my experiences growing up as a tomboy, Star Wars Geek turned to red-headed SF pin up girl and how one of my photos ended up on Freddie Prinze Jr.’s spaceship wall in the film, Wing Commander. This creative nonfiction piece is soon to come at Weird Tales — 2009 Hugo Award winner for best semiprozine! Congrats to all the Weird Tales crew!

The photo above is actually from a different shoot than the photo hanging on Freddie’s pilot jock wall, but I always liked this one better. Big Hair nostalgia!

Here’s a clip of the film for those who haven’t seen it.  My big ten seconds of fame is the central backdrop to Prinze’s and Matthew Lillard’s buddy, buck-it-up scene.