Capclave 2009

Capclave is running this weekend in Rockville, Maryland. It’s an intimate SF convention featuring Harry Turtledove, Sheila Williams and Rob Balder. This con is small, but packed full of personality. 

Today, I spent a few minutes in the pleasure of George Scithers company discussing his personal SF collection and the state of publishing. I also met Genevieve Valentine, face to face, after several months of emailing and such with Fantasy Magazine, and yes, she is as delightful and fun as her fiction and column suggests, as is John Joseph Adams, who is there signing for Prime Books between panels and promoting the upcoming SF magazine, Lightspeed. He will be editing this new magazine, published by Prime Books.

For anyone close to the D.C. Metro area, Capclave has a dealer’s room set up where Jon Betancort, Stephen Segal and George Scithers have the Wildside Press booth open, as does Neil Clarke for Wyrm Publishing and Sean Wallace for Prime Books. Sunday, last day, lists some good panels including an editors’ panel that I believe starts at10:00 am. Stop in, register and check it out.