Bibliophile Stalker Reviews “Sublimity in Turquoise Blue”: “Impressive . . . Commendable”

Charles Tan,at Bibliophile Stalker, reviews “Sublimity in Turquoise Blue” and the rest of Farrago’s Wainscot: Issue 12 putting Farrago’s Wainscot in the same category with Lonestar Stories as “fresh” with a “literary quality” that has sadly “released its last issue this year. ” 

Taking his time, he reviews Farrago’s offering both high points and focus areas for each work in good review style. I’m so pleased he has taken time to read “Sublimity” and the works of my TOC mates —  Becca De La Rosa, Paul Jessup, Eden Robins, S. Boyd Taylor, Jonathan Wood, Susan Thorpe, Jared Walls, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Lynn Pattison and Bruce Boston. Did I forget anyone?

Identifying “Sublimity” as “commendable” and “impressive in its use of juxtaposition and the framing device of an artist’s perspective,” he also offers feedback on the necessity of the professor asides, valuable, as writing meta-fictional, experimental narratives requires a keen eye and ever-developing style. The review is positive and constructive, and more so, Charles’ review style is accessible, the format tight. A good place to quickly check out what’s going on in the speculative scene.

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