2009 MES Fall Party

PB060142Friday, October 23 at 2:00 pm


Hello everyone! That time of year again! Here’s three activities that I thought we might do:

Halloween/Fall Cookies

Dress Up the Parents

Parent/Child Charades: All the kids put ideas on pieces of paper, and we put them into a hat. A kiddo draws one of the slips, and the kid and parent must work together to mime the thing on the paper and get the rest of the class to guess what it is.

*If you have any other ideas to add to the mix, great! Please let us all know below.  


Families bringing in party items:

*Thank you to everyone for bringing in party and/or canned items. If you cannot bring the items listed below for your family, no problem. Please let me know as soon as possible below in the comments if you are able to bring your items or not.


Kreh: Sugar Cookies (Packaged, enough for half the class) AND pretzels

Weaver: Sugar Cookies (Packaged, enough for half the class) AND cups

Prescott: Candy pieces (m&ms, sprinkles) AND napkins

Corbin: Spray icing (black, orange, whatever colors suit you) AND soda pop

Rosenfeld: Spray icing (white, yellow, whatever colors suit you) AND toothpicks (for making webs in the frosting if the kids want)


*Can everyone please bring in a few Halloween costume items? Just a few from earlier Halloweens so we can let the kids dress you up and take pictures? Hats, scarves, funny glasses, masks, whatever is fun. Anyone who is bringing canned goods, please feel free to bring in Halloween dress up items, too. Make sure to bring your cameras. I think we’ll get some good pictures.