Read Fifty Years in Halves at Word Riot

Now at Word Riot is my Stretching Forms fiction piece, “Fifty Years in Halves,” a story about a relationship, a burrito bowl and avocado bits.

The burrito bowl, cilantro-filled and cut into halves by an imaginary line, distinguishes her side from his. The big piece of avocado has fallen on his side, hidden behind shredded beef. She rocks it with her fork, as if to say: May I? His eyes are to the side, his mind is on the pretty girl who has dropped her bottle and stands in a puddle of mango juice and shattered glass.

Thanks to Kevin O’Cuinn, fiction co-editor, and Jackie Corley, publisher, for their hard work and support.

Word Riot is packed full with talent this issue, where you can find works by Philip Brunetti, David Gianatasio, Michael K. Meyers, Jeff Vande Zande, Jessica Vozel, Matt Baker, Brad Conlin, Scott McClanahan, J. Bradley, Jordan Castro, Matthew D’Abate, Elizabeth Hall, Judson Hamilton, Jordan Hanhilammi, Gail D. Kelley, Ed Makowski, Casey Quinn, Dana Roders, Tristan Silverman, James Sutherland and Christopher Woods.