Story of the Month Contest at Bartleby Snopes

Today, the Bartleby Snopes Story of the Month contest opens to voting. If you have the time, please check out the following link where you can read or reread my short, short story “Intolerable Impositions” and also link to the other fantastic stories for the month of February.

The voting page is here: Vote

I’m honored to have “Intolerable Impositions” included among so many talented authors and their stories and, of course, encourage you to vote for whichever story you like most. For writers, these contests can be a way to define our work from a large pack of talent out there, and your support in helping us, in helping me, to do this is greatly appreciated.

Intolerable Impositions

She gnawed her arm off in the morning, before he woke. There was no way around it. Her forearm lay trapped beneath his thick neck, stubbled except for one irritated spot of skin