Amy Bishop: Psycho or Psycho?

Apparently, the Amy Bishop meltdown and rampage still has its hooks in public sensibilities. Slate‘s Emily Bazelon recently ran “Did Amy Bishop Kill Because Women Are Screwed in the Workplace?” equating Bishop’s loony parade to the question of workplace inequality, at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. The article received some well-thought feedback and discussion.

Where to begin?

1. Bishop had recently been denied tenure before she shot and killed co-workers, including co-workers who had originally supported her position for tenure.

2. A question of prior incidence for Bishop’s homicidal behavior is not out of logical consideration, but prior incidence, in no way, justifies or explains Bishop’s behavior. At the same time, Bishop’s behaviors would likely be best understood in the full scope of the prior, during and after periods related to the murders. So to completely ignore the issue of whether or not she received tenure would ignore possible aggitations to her condition. To better understand the behaviors, one must take into full consideration before, during and after incidents.

3. The woman gunned down co-workers. That’s all that needs to be said. I don’t care if she was (a) a potential victim of gender bias in the workplace (b) treated like the queen of campus or (c) freshly shipped in from Mars. She…killed…people, period. Women—and men, yes—have suffered far worse gender “bias” than losing tenure and without gunning people down. Geesh.

Murder. Really, must it be any more complicated than that? Lock her up, tightly.