Postfeminist Zombie Assassins Wear Wonder Woman Underoos Coming This Fall at The Medulla Review

“Postfeminist Zombie Assassins Wear Wonder Woman Underoos” is coming this fall at The Medulla Review. If you can believe it, this short story is realism absurd with a healthy dash of satire that plays on both zombie and vintage comic aesthetics. As a long time Wonder Woman fan and zombie aficionada, this story is a particular favorite of mine.

Currently at Medulla Review you can find Volume I, Issue #2 with kick ass cover art by Dylan Murphy, poetry by Hugh Fox, Changming Yuan, Felicia Mitchell, Howard Good, David Labounty, Diane Lockward, Austin S. Kodra, Lisa Marie Basile, Steve de France, and others. Read fiction by KJ Hannah Greenberg, Anthony Beal, Sean Ulman, Heather Schmidt, Mark Howard Jones, Robert S. King, Barry Jay Kaplan, Terene Kuch, Garett Socol, James Green, Rich Mallery Tim Tomlinson, and others.