Collecting Calliope Coming Soon in Weave Magazine

I’m so pleased to announce that my short story, “Collecting Calliope,” will appear soon in Weave Magazine, a print journal with amazing cover work on each issue and packed full of talent. 

“Calliope” is set in an underground room covered in black velvet. “The attendant washes her porcelain limbs, careful to hold them with fingertips. He lays her, disjointed, on black shag carpeting—arms, legs, head—inches from the joints of her torso. He calls her by name, ‘Calliope, Jigsaw Lover.’ Then sings to her a happy Camptown tune—’Calli, Calli, musing girl, duh-doo, duh-doo…’ ”

Weave Magazine‘s Issue 03 is out now, featuring…

Colleen Abel—At the Tomb of the Unmarried Woman
Arlene Ang—Feeding the Husband
Neil Aitken—Programmer F, Descending
Adam Atkinson—The Town Historian
Brenda Battad—Barberry Bush Turns Girl Into Barberry Bush
Jessie Carty—Scientific Method
Rob Cook—Burning Animals
Nicelle Davis—In the Hour of Temptation, I Get My Punk-Rock Self Back
Nicole Cartwright Denison—Seeing an End to the Good Times, Such as They Were, Visitation (I).
Marie Gauthier—Recondite
Brent Goodman—2, 3, 5
Armine Iknadossian—Birdbread
Sally Rosen Kindred—Sabrina, Borne
Sally Wen Mao—Escape from the Midnight Opera, For My Brussels Burglar
Rebecca Mertz—Elegies in Search of the Dog 1, Elegies in Search of the Dog 2, Tara Broeckel Ooten, Stage Directions, Weather Forecasting and Husbandry
Michelle Potgeter—In Spirit, Only Transactions
Jay Snodgrass—Synthetic Island
Sarah Sousa—Coracle
Sheryl St. Germain—The Healer, The Hermit
Ronnie K. Stephens—Asymmetry
Huang Xiang—Murasaki Shikibu (cover poem)
Felicia Zamora—Because I Know, Moth Making

Roxane Gay—Cheap, Fast, Filling

Huang Xiang and William Rock by Margaret Bashaar

Robert Isenberg—Enough Rope

Karl Goodrich—1
Dave Mims—Untitled
William Rock—Murasaki Shikibu (cover art), Huang Xiang Labyrinth Center, Sumo Sculpture