A capella Zoo: Issue 4 Is Available for Ordering Now

A capella Zoo: Issue 4 is out now. Isn’t the cover work beautiful? You can order Issue 4 here. Among a great list of talents, they’ve included my short story, “I Keep a Vine Woven Basket by the Door”: 

“Drive the poor dog laying so still in its cardboard box bound for the child-sized cemetery with stones stacked teetering on the other end of town. Find a pretty place on the edge. Where there is no headstone. Dig. Dig with the rusted spade that he left. Sit in the dirt and cry with elbows on knees bent so that you can smell the fresh turned earth. Cry so hard that eyes blur and face streaks black with mascara dripped into the hollow of a button shirt stained white to gray, and the black runs down between narrow breasts making a black line to the horizontal lip of fat rimmed at the wool tweed waistband. It tickles. A low rumble jiggles the box making the air smell of kibble. Dig. Lift the cold body, now firm, from the box because the cardboard is somehow unnatural. Lower the body gently then drop it because the depth is too far to reach. Sit some more with face pushed against sweaty palms filling with blisters, these hands that just dropped a dead friend. And no one will ever know. Lay, on top of the body, a card that reads Lily—Lily, child of mine. I did not know you. Here you can rest with a friend—and dig into the already dug pile of earth, chopping at clumps of sod, wishing the frost hadn’t yet come so the digging would be easier. Pour the dirt onto the golden fur. Pour the dirt onto the card that reads Lily. Pour until they are gone, the dog and the card, the card being the worst because it is made of snow white linen paper. It had to be snow white.

It is a man’s job, digging. A hard job.

Yes, I said it out loud, inside my head.

Go home.”

Read the full story and other stories in A capella Zoo: Issue 4 (print), now available.