Prosetry April: The Clock of Celestial Objects

photo by Andrew Ross

Prompt: Using the above image, write a microfiction (less than 500 words—yes, 501 is more than 500). In your piece, respond to the image in the above photograph. Your piece may take any form you like as long as it includes less than 500 words and relates in some way to the clock in the photo. (You may recognize The Prague Astronomical Clock; your clock doesn’t need to be Czech or Astronomical.) Have fun with it.

Deadline: April 30th, 2010—Midnight

Submit: Prosetry [at] moonmilkreview [dot] com. Please write “Prosetry: [Title]” in the subject line.

Winner: First place will be published in the June issue of Moon Milk Review.

*The winner of April’s Prosetry Contest, “The Scrutiny Chair,” will be in the May Issue of Moon Milk Review.