Monk Man and Moonshine Coming Soon at Menda City Review

My Appalachia Punk story, “Monk Man and Moonshine,” is coming soon at Menda City Review. I can’t think of a better place for this story—little bit country, little bit postmodern. As a girl who spent her early, early years alongside the Ohio River, both sides of the bank, chasing fireflies and watching Hee Haw—tap-tappin’ her foot to the banjo music—it’s a real pleasure to see this one publish in such a fine venue. The story pulls on some of the fables (and stereotypings, smacking them down with a grin) that go along with Appalachia and pseudo-Appalachia folk. I’m so pleased to offer a story that goes beyond the cannibalistic, back-woodsian hermit mold.

A big thank you to Terry Rogers and Andrew S. Taylor for their hard work. You can read stories currently featured at Menda City Review now.