Pear Noir #4 Now Available

You can buy Pear Noir #4 now at I recently received my contributor’s copy in the mail and must say that the issue is full of fine works. Thanks to editor, Daniel Casebeer, and his staff at Pear Noir for their hard work and support.


Jac Jemc | We’ll Feel Better When Everything We Were Told Was Wrong Turns Out to Be True
Sarah Manguso | A Woman
Mike Kinsella | The Armoire
Rebecca Scherm | Cherry Pie
C.L. Bledsoe | If You Meet a Man in the Street Who Claims to Be Rupert Murdoch, Kill Him; the True Rupert Murdoch Is Within Morsels
Josh Kleinberg | The Robot Vampire Lioness
Stephen Lewis | I Destroyed the World’s Religions and Politics Single-Handedly and at Once by Killing Humans, I Did This With a Machete at First, I Cannot Believe You Are a Serious Person Each Morning
Marcelle Heath | Origin
Margaret Bashaar | The Girl Who Kept Secrets, The Girl Who Lived at the Hotel, Trichotillomania
David Erlewine | How a Dumbwaiter Works
Daniel Romo | Biology, Winter, Scenes from Anymall
Chelsea Martin | Universal Themes that Anyone Can Relate To
Lavinia Ludlow | Percentages
Gregory Sherl | Invitation to a Pajama Party in Space, This Poem Is an Essay About Our Lousy Ozone, Here, a Place I Have Never Touched, My Favorite Birth Control Is a Sock in My Childhood
Ethel Rohan | Excrescent, Asphyxiation Corruptionists
Ryan W. Bradley | The Piñata
Rae Bryant | Buttercrisp
David Yost | Yost and I: On Discovering that a Power Ranger Has Made Our Name, into Canadian Slang for Incompetence
Shawn Maddey | Mythologies #4: Our Masks Like the Moon Herself
Meghan Lamb | Thoughts on How to Teach Yourself to Drown
Fred Thomas | The Year Nothing Happened
John F. Buckley | Cancer Is the Answer, How to Be a Drunk, Message to an Imaginary Stepfather
Blake Butler | Camera Eye
Danny Pelletier | Sheila Is Trying to Be Unhealthy, Sheldon and Michelle Can’t Stop Touching Each Other
Adam Gallari | Negative Space
Shane Jones | Lumberjack and Bear
Zin Kenter | Harold
Kirsty Logan | Peach Cigarettes
Dusty Neu | Haunted by the Ghost of a Mint Plant My Negligence Killed
Irene Turner | Bike
Ryan O’Connor | The Small Hole
Ben Nardolilli | Various Imitations
Forrest Aguirre | Subscription
Anji Reyner | Let’s Dehibernate