Issues Update at PANK

Check out PANK Editor Roxane Gay‘s current issues round up where she gives the nitty on featured fiction that is currently out, about and written by PANK authors—PANK Writers Bring It and Bring it and BRING IT. A pleasure to have my story, “Chinchillas in the Air” (now at Annalemma) included in this issues update along with a must read advisory for Janey Smith and Everyday Genius:

Janey Janey Janey Smith BRINGS IT to Everyday Genius. And by “brings it” I mean it has been broughten. No really, go read Janey Smith before you contemplate doing anything else. I am feeling bossy, today. (Roxane Gay, PANK)

Motion seconded!

AND if you’ve not checked out the hot fiction currently running at PANK, you must. Now featured is Robb Todd‘s “Gracias, Pero Si.”

And don’t forget that coming this December at PANK is my story, “Emperatriz de la Orilla del Rio.”