Sheldon Lee Compton on Rae Bryant

A big thank you to Sheldon Lee Compton for reading and reviewing my story, “Featherbedding” and to >kill author for running the Issue Mate’s review series. An honor. 

“… a blend of both the surreal and a familiar, gritty reality… Bryant transforms the man and woman into huddled and hungry animals clinging to one another. But the other half of that mixture, that of hope, is what makes this story stand out in any roomful of great stories…”

If you haven’t checked out Issue 8 of >kill author yet, do it. Do it now. I highly recommend the entire issue that features “Playing” by Sheldon Lee Compton and “Italo Calvino People” by Elaine Chiew, as well as other fine works by Andrew Roe, Cameron Pierce, Cezarija Abartis, Cheyenne Nimes, Daniel Carter,  Daniel Romo, David Backer, David Laskowski, Edmond Caldwell, Frank Hinton, Gregory Sherl, Jack Boettcher, Jennifer Spiegel, Jessica Newman, Lauren Becker, Matt Mullins, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Mitch James, Raymond Farr, R L Swihart, Ryder Collins, and Thomas Bunstead. Also, see my review of Elaine Chiew’s story “Italo Calvino People.”