All You Bad Sinners coming soon in decomP

Not too long ago, I read an article on the unlikelihood of true experimentation in today’s fiction. Got me to thinking. Started writing. Came up with a quirk of a story that is reader interactive and requires a few props. This November, the awesome decomP and Jason Jordan, editor, along with his fab team will run “All You Bad Sinners.” So, readers and bad sinners et al. grab a drinking straw—straight or bendy will do—and your favorite bubbly–Coca Cola, seltzer, Champagne… then get ready to read. No, I’ll not be giving any more hints than that, no matter how much money or chocolate or coffee you send my way—okay, maybe for coffee, as long as it has hazelnut creamer and cinnamon. Yes, a few pounds of Godiva might do it, too. Okay, send me money, and I’ll email you a preview copy of the story, but that’s it. Except for the paddle thing… (If you’re too young to know what the paddle thing is, don’t talk to me, I cannot help you.)