All You Bad Sinners now at decomP

 “All You Bad Sinners” now up at decomP along with  must read stories by Ryan W. Bradley, Christine Fadden, Gary Moshimer, Michelle Reale, and Ryan Rivas. Poetry by James E. Allman, Jr., Philip Brunetti, Doug Paul Case, J Braxton Cooper, Stevie Edwards, David Kinsey, and J. A. Tyler. Reviews by Micah Ling, Dawn Raffel, and Patrick Somerville. 

Here’s a taste of “All You Bad Sinners”…

“Sip. Slow-like. Let the bubbles fizz at your tongue tip. Pull the bubbles back through your mouth and feel the fizz. Let the fizz move into your sinuses and imagine you can see the bubbly flow down your throat. Follow it. Imagine that the bubbles are all the bad things you’ve ever done.” (Read More)

Very cool issue by editor, Jason Jordan, and his team. Wicked pretty cover art—Relic by Robert Hardgrave.

Thanks decomp!