Postfeminist Zombie Assassins Wear Wonder Woman Underoos now up at The Medulla Review

A big thank you to The Medulla Review and Jennifer Hollie Bowles for putting together such an outstanding issue. Bowles introduces “Postfeminist Zombie Assassins Wear Wonder Woman Underoos” as  “[s]urreal, erotic intellectualism crafted with a powerfully feminine voice.” Sweet.

A taste…

He had wanted more. A declaration of sugar preference, an indication of independence, a cringe, something, but she does not declare herself independent of the salt. She is a true temp, an adapter. She accepts the salt, drinks from the glass a second time, careful to sip from the already mouthed section of rim so to avoid new salt. She is a follower, mannerly, and it disappoints him a little. This one, he had thought, was a true blue ass picker. He had wanted her to be a true blue ass picker….” Read More

Also in this issue… fun, talented, edgy works by Sheldon Lee Compton, Don Hucks, and many more.