Author Interview at PANK Magazine

In PANK Magazine’s “Ask the Author” series, J. Bradley asks me a few questions. I give a few answers. Thank you PANK.

In this December issue, you can read my short story, “Emperatriz de la Orilla del Río,” and more fantastic works by… Alan Stewart Carl, Kristina Marie Darling, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Sean Doyle, Noah Falck, Raina Lauren Fields, Nate Innomi, Jeffrey Carl Jefferis, Joe Kapitan, Annam Manthiram, Lacey Martinez, Hannah Miet, Karen Munro, Sherry O’Keefe, Daniela Olszewska, Shannon Peil, Shanti Perez, Suzanne Rindell, Merritt Tierce and Lydia Unsworth.

Among the many beautiful stories with which I get to share space in this PANK issue, I highly recommend “Superheroes” by Annam Manthiram. As always, Manthiram’s language is graceful and cutting, her imagery breathtakingly brutal.