inReads | inAuthors: A Literary Dance with Rae Bryant


Original interview at inReads on March 19, 2013 by Lisa Marie Basile.


Frederick Barthelme remarked that Rae Bryant’s stories “yank at you over and over, desperate to give you the clue you never had and to point you, by what’s left out, to a spot on this good earth where the heart might flourish.”

Barthelme was right.

That’s precisely why I had fallen in love with her work as well. I had the pleasure of publishing Bryant’s work in 2011 for Patasola Press. Prior to this, we had begun a dance-like, very simpatico literary relationship, where at times she’d be featured in New York at readings or I’d be in D.C. for literary events. We bonded over surrealism and feminism, and I was inspired by her voice as a writer. Her prose always struck me as clean, vivid and gory—the kind of gory you’re aching for in your life. Something different and wild and beautiful….. READ MORE