Loving, trusting, senstitive, humorous heterosexual male

You are the achromatic melder of horror,

As the precursor to night and death,
the foreteller of day and life,
you are the grand fence sitter of indecision.

As a student in London,
I was mystified by you,
your greyness in a rainy merry-go-round,
swirling silver and lead, charcoal and ash.

In Paris, a painterly grisaille of fog
enveloped les grisettes in your embrace,
their pre-dawn loll-abouts disguised
by the sweet drift from nearby boulangeries.

Grey, you sophisticator!
You refiner, you masker of mood,
You operatic choker, you
Psychotic seizer, you mythmaker!

Franciscans cloaked by you.
Suits in oak-paneled rooms for you.
Stately, but without noblesse oblige from you.
Wuthering Heights billowing over you.

How stunningly awkward you are,
especially when the poorest,
most native peoples of our earth,
defy you with tapestries of color and hope.

There is only a micron sliver of you
between the vast vertical column of white
and the impenetrable shaft of black,
your favor curried from each end of the spectrum.

I marvel at your mackerel sky,
the wash of muddled light you weave
as the grey of your wolf sits poised.
Make up your mind.

Many times I have left you and returned.
I have tippled, besotted by your stare.
You, the great prevaricator,
hounder of the soul.